Driverless Cars

I can't make my mind up about the concept driverless cars in the future.
On the one hand wouldn't it be great to be able to jump into your own vehicle and watch your favourite programmes on T.V. on your way into work. Or read the paper. Or send those emails you were supposed to send yesterday. In that respect it would give you 'more time'.
Also, no having to queue for expensive taxis after a night out, or worry about if you've had to much to drink when it comes to driving home. I like the idea of travelling in the comfort of your own transportation pod and not having to travel on public transport (I HATE public transport), being able to stop when you like and take a detour when necessary, or even turn and go back if you've forgotten something.
Not to mention the energy saving they claim you will make with a driverless car = cheaper and better for the environment and of course the safety claims of eliminated human error in driving.
So, yes, I can see the benefits.
However, I LOVE DRIVING! I absolutely adore my little car and love driving around and being in control of the vehicle and going a little bit too fast and breaking a bit too late and feeling ALIVE! 
I grew up being taken from car show to car show, reading car magazines and watching Top Gear. Cars are EXCITING! What could we possibly replace the act of driving with, if the future threatens its existence??? Any ideas??? What will replace that sound of a purring petrol engine when we have all been forced to have electric vehicles???
Who knows what the future holds, but I say make the most out of driving while we still can!

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